Annual HVAC Tune-Up

Cars need tune-ups; computers get debugged, defragged, and dusted, and regular virus checks performed on it. Any vital piece of equipment or investment gets regular check-ups, tune-ups, and fix-ups to keep it in top working order. Many people don’t seem to realize that they need to treat their home’s central heating service with the same care as they treat their car.  This behavior is unfortunate at best and catastrophic at worst.

The benefits of keeping up with the central heating service upkeep

Keeping up with the tune-ups isn’t an arduous process, merely having someone come in once a year to clean it, and service it in any way that it needs will have lasting effects. Namely on the longevity of the system itself, and keep the system working at peak efficiency.


If the central heating service is working at peak efficiency, it will keep the cost of heating the home down, quickly offsetting the cost of having the system serviced in the first place. Replacing and cleaning filters is a small task, but it has numerous benefits which offset the cost. It’s harder for air to move through a dirty filter, and easier for that dirt, and mildew, and whatever else is trapped in that filter to get back into the air.

Where there is someone who suffers from allergies or multiple colds throughout the winter, a central heating service with a dirty filter is quite often part of the problem. Keeping up with the servicing of the system will both save money, as well as improve the quality of air for anyone who lives and breathes in the home.

System longevity

Tune-ups will alert the technician of any repairs that need to be done to the system early. Catching problems is a huge benefit because the longer there is a problem, the more damage it can do to the system overall. A loose bolt can be ignored for the present, but as time moves on that loose bolt will become a loose panel, and eventually lead to catastrophic system failure. Or, to be less dramatic, regular failure of the system. Losing a functioning central heating service during the winter is a potentially life-threatening problem, and it would be best to know of it well before it becomes a problem and can be handled easily.

Maintenance is cheaper than repairing, or worst case scenario: replacing your system altogether. If it stops working in the middle of the winter, you won’t have time to pick and choose when and what kind of system you reinstall, you go with the fastest, which is always going to be the most expensive.

Remember: a well maintained central heating service is essential to the comfort and safety of any, and every, home. The best time to schedule the tune-up will be at the end of the summer when there would still be time for any problem to be rectified in the smartest possible way before it becomes an emergency and the only solution is the fastest solution. Don’t wait until it’s too late, schedule your tune-up today!

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