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Equitable Gas SAVER Rebate

Through the SAVER Program (Smart Audits & Valuable Energy Rebates), money rebates are currently available to Equitable Gas residential customers in Pennsylvania who improve the energy efficiency of their homes by purchasing qualified energy efficient natural gas home heating and/or water heating equipment. The central heating system (furnace or boiler) typically consumers the largest amount of energy in your home. Water heating following close behind. Replacing older equipment with more efficient natural gas equipment can help you save on your utility bills and the SAVER rebates reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Equipment purchased and installed on or after November 19, 2010, through 2-013 in a residential home, may qualify for a rebate.

Qualifying Products:

Water Heater

Gas Storage Water Heater
Gas Tankless Water Heater

Efficiency Level


EF ≥ .67
EF ≥ .82

Rebate Amount